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Interfaith peacekeepers support a network of informed and active people who understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the political, military, and economic role of the United States in the conflict. To create and develop such a network, we conduct various delegations in Israel/Palestine. Click here for more information about future companies.

The free IFPB program ensures that the American movement for Israeli-Palestinian peace is based on the activity and life stories of those living in conflict conditions every day:

The delegation program organizes delegations from different walks of life on two-week trips to Israel/Palestine. The delegations highlight the mass voices of Israelis and Palestinians caught in the conflict.

The IFPB delegation witnesses everyday violence in war and occupation and learns from those involved in nonviolent struggle, human rights and peace with Justice. IMF delegations present alternative imagery and analysis deepening to shed light on the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the path to change and reconciliation.

The education and Information Program aims to build movement and civic participation, enabling delegation members to become the driving force for change in their own communities. Ifpb members know that their experience on the ground is only the beginning. The education and outreach program emphasizes ongoing engagement, skills training, and empowerment to ensure that the delegation experience becomes a transformative event and building block in the broader movement for Israeli-Palestinian peace and fair application of U.S. policy in the region.

Peace-makers are more than just organizations of religious communities. Our comprehensive vision seeks to create a new reality and a new framework for American policy in Israel and Palestine. Visit our website to learn more about our work, our impact and the people we met along the way!