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The whole trip was just incredible for me, from beginning to end.

-- Myles Corcoran--

(delegation 4, 2002)


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Program Description:

Interfaith peacekeepers send delegations to Israel/Palestine, so that US citizens can see the conflict with their own eyes. Participants have the opportunity to learn directly from Israeli and Palestinian peace/human rights activists, spend time in Palestinian and Israeli homes and get acquainted with the situation of Palestinians living under military occupation. The delegations are focused on seeing, hearing and recording the experiences and points of view of a wide range of Palestinian and Israeli voices.

Some delegations are going to Jordan, as well as to Israel/Palestine. Visiting these countries allows participants to get acquainted with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the broader context of the Middle East and to get acquainted with the larger problems facing the region.

Interfaith peacekeepers attach great importance to continuing work on the conflict as participants return to their homes. The program asks participants to participate in educating people in their communities and organizations about the conflict, write and talk about their experiences, join IFPB, our partner organizations and other local and national organizations working to end the conflict and working to change U.S. policy in the region.

Building on the long history of delegations working in the Middle East, the Reconciliation Community (for) launched interfaith peace-building in 2000 in response to the increase in violence during the second intifada. Since then, ifpb has been consulting and cooperating with Palestinian and Israeli organizations. We support the efforts of the Palestinians and Israel to end the occupation of Palestine, working to ensure human rights for both Israelis and Palestinians and advocating for lasting peace and justice for both peoples.

In April 2006, "For" and "Interfaith Peacemakers" jointly decided that from July 1, 2006, ifpb will become an independent program working with "for".  Building on FOR's strong support for the work of the ifpb over the past five years, ifpb and for are convinced that the new partnership represents the best opportunity to continue our key work on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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