Grassroots Advocacy Trainings

The Grassroots Advocacy Training has concluded

The main feature of our expanded education and outreach program is ifpb's mass advocacy training, which engages activists, experts, and individuals from communities across the United States and North America to conduct hands-on seminars and training on activist skills.

The post-training lobby day adds an element of immediate action and gives participants the opportunity to develop skills and experience in interacting with Congress by directing their concerns to elected officials.

Ifpb organized our first training and lobbying day in February 2009 as part of our ongoing efforts to promote civic engagement and build a stronger movement in the US for Israeli-Palestinian peace. After this event took place in March 2010 and 2011. The last grass-roots propaganda training took place in March 2013 as part of the AIPAC "exposure" mobilisation coordinated by Codepink.

Each grassroots training was organized in cooperation with the American campaign to end the Israeli occupation and its more than 300 member organizations throughout the country.

Photos from Grassroots Advocacy Trainings

Grassroots advocacy training brings together hundreds of people from all over the United States. Every year, the participants hold meetings with the offices of their representatives in Congress, seeking a fair application of American foreign policy based on international law, humanitarian measures and the cessation of American military aid to Israel. In 2013, participants joined the protests at the annual conference of the American-Israeli Public Relations Committee (AIPAC).

Interfaith Peacemakers continued to work with grassroots outreach interns, disseminating research and information and encouraging continued participation and support of the Congress. The participants expanded the active network of participants and voters of the IFPB delegation.

Interfaith Peace-Builders has made the event part of our expanded Education and Advocacy Program.

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