Our delegations are the basis for the work of interreligious peacekeeping forces. We started our delegation programme in 2000 because we believed that justice in Israel / Palestine should not be difficult. We started the program because Israelis and Palestinians invited us to their homes, offices and places of worship to learn from them about their lives. Today, our delegations continue to act as proof of the transformative power of learning directly from those who live in Israel / Palestine.

Ifpb delegations will introduce participants to perspectives not available in North America. In meetings with various representatives of Palestinian and Israeli society, special attention is paid to those who are working non-violently to resolve the conflict and end the occupation. The delegates will see the wall, the checkpoints and the destroyed houses and learn how this and much more affects the Palestinians. Similarly, delegates hear from Israelis about the consequences of the conflict for Israeli society. The delegation's learning experience is intended to motivate action to change when delegates return. Ifpb provides materials, support and mentoring to help returning delegates make the most of their experience.

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Delegation Specifics
Who We Meet

On the delegation you'll meet over 25 individuals and groups working in Israel/Palestine. Learn more about these courageous individuals here.

The IFPB Difference

We work hard to ensure each delegation is a success. Click here to see some of the unique aspects of an IFPB delegation.

Cost and Logistics

Click here to learn about the cost of an IFPB delegation and travel logistics.


We take safety on the delegations seriously. Learn how here.

Making a Delegation a Reality for You
Upcoming Delegations

Click here to learn the dates of upcoming delegations and other specifics like delegation leaders, delegation themes, etc.

Financial Aid

Learn how you can apply for scholarship help, start fundraising on your own, or give a gift today to help others travel.

Application Information

Download an application for the program here. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so apply early to reserve a spot.

Past Delegation Experiences
Previous Delegation reports

Participants on each delegation work to prepare in-the-moment reports on their delegation experiences. Click here to read past reports.


Interfaith Peace-Builders holds extensive archives of photos from our delegations to Israel/Palestine. The following link provides access to a small sample of these archives.


IFPB has a unique vision for working in partnership with allied organizations to increase our impact and strengthen networks. Click here to learn how your organization might work with IFPB


Download and Print flyers for each upcoming delegation here. Help spread the word by bringing these to your events!

Palestinian Travel Code

The Palestinian Initiative for Responsible Tourism introduced the following Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land. IFPB has always, and will continue to, abide by the guidelines of this code.