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Dear Friends,

We are writing you today with a special request.  As Israelis and Palestinians engaged in the struggle for a just peace and nonviolent end to the Israeli occupation, we believe strongly in the importance of Interfaith Peace-Builders’ ongoing work.  IFPB’s delegations, and unique education and advocacy work, make important contributions to our goals in Israel/Palestine and beyond.  As colleagues and supporters of Interfaith Peace-Builders, we invite you to join us in sustaining this important work.

The Obama administration appears more willing than previous US governments to actively engage the Israeli leadership to take steps towards peace.  We see more hopeful signs today than any time in the recent past.  But additional education and pressure is needed in order to ensure that Obama’s actions match his words.  Your participation is needed now more than ever.

We know personally that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more than a local issue.  The United States plays a critical role in sustaining the occupation of Palestinian lands and fomenting militarism and violence in our communities.  Those of us who live here pay the consequences of US policies that have been misguided for decades.  We also understand the vital importance of work in the United States by organizations such as Interfaith Peace-Builders.  IFPB is one of the exceptional organizations that bridges the gap between North America and Israel/Palestine, building longstanding relationships of solidarity and support. 

IFPB has been one of the rare partners who has joined us in our goals and advocated tirelessly on our behalf.  Since 2001, Interfaith Peace-Builders delegations have visited us and our colleagues here in Israel/Palestine 31 times.  The nearly 500 people who have traveled with IFPB bring us hope and demonstrate that there are many around the world who support us and take our struggles seriously.

In Israel/Palestine, our voices are often drowned out by those who trumpet war and violent alternatives.  The many people who join us here, however, demonstrate that we can make an impact and reinforce our belief that we must speak out, resist the occupation and work to end the conflict. 

As Israeli and Palestinian activists, we are joining our voice with many around North America who also support Interfaith Peace-Builders. 

We are asking you to make a contribution today to ensure that we will share many more experiences with IFPB delegations and that our voices and our struggles will continue to find an audience in the US and everywhere delegates live and work.

Your support for Interfaith Peace-Builders is needed now more than ever.  Please join us by making a generous contribution today.



  • Nasser Abufarha is chair of the Palestine Fair Trade Association
  • Wesam Ahmed is a program officer at Al Haq
  • Ghassan Andoni is a professor at Birzeit University and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee
  • Bassam Aramin is co-founder of Combatants for Peace
  • The Reverend Dr. Naim Ateek is Director of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
  • Sami Awad is Executive Director of Holy Land Trust
  • Sam Bahour is Managing Partner of Applied Information Management in El-Bireh/Ramallah
  • Iyad Burnat is Coordinator of Friends of Freedom and Justice and the Bil’in Village Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements
  • Diana Buttu is a respected international lawyer based in the West Bank
  • Tal Dor is former Executive Director of Mahapach-Thagrir and a member of Zochrot 
  • Cedar Duaybis is Secretary of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
  • Rami Elhanan is a member of the Parents Circle – Bereaved Families Forum
  • Jeff Halper is Director of the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee
  • Ruth Hiller is a member of New Profile
  • Samia Khoury is Treasurer of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
  • Jonathan Kuttab is an attorney and human rights advocate
  • Abir Kopty is a media consultant and political analyst
  • Rela Mazali is a writer and New Profile activist
  • Rotem Mor is an Israeli conscientious objector and peace activist
  • Zleikha Muhtaseb is a teacher,  activist, and principal of Al-Ibrahimiya Kindergarten in Hebron
  • Norma Musih is co-founder and Assistant Director of Zochrot
  • Dorothy Naor is a member of New Profile
  • Daoud Nassar is Director of Tent of Nations - People Building Bridges
  • Naji and Suheir Owdah direct the Phoenix Cultural Center in Deheisheh Refugee Camp
  • Rafi Shubeli is a Mizrahi Activist in Israel
  • Raji Sourani is founder and Director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza
  • Gila Svirsky is a writer and activist with Women in Black (Jerusalem)
  • Michael Warschawski is a journalist and activist at the Alternative Information Center of Jerusalem/Bethlehem
  • Miri Weingarten is Director of International Advocacy for Physicians for Human Rights-Israel
  • Eric Yellin is founder of Other Voice and Israeli Coordinator of the Center for Emerging Futures
  • Nomika Zion is a member of Other Voice and Kibbutz Migvan in Sderot
  • Zoughbi Zoughbi is founder and Director of WI’AM: The Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center

Organizations are listed for identification purposes only


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