Making the Most of Your Experience

Resources for Beginning Education and Advocacy in Your Community

Many of the resources below are part of an Interfaith Peace-Builders packet provided to each delegate upon return from Israel/Palestine. The focus of IFPB's post-delegation efforts is to encourage and support the civic engagement and grassroots activism of delegation participants.

While these resources are geared towards the opportunities for activism after returning from Israel/Palestine, the information and strategies outlined here are broadly applicable and will benefit anyone interested in promoting constructive change in policy and discourse towards the Israel-Palestine conflict.

  • IFPB Flyers, Fact-sheets, Maps and More: Materials for your Presentations
    Download flyers for upcoming IFPB delegations, sign-up sheets for use at public events, IFPB's House Party Packet and more. Also find links to fact-sheets, maps, human rights reports and background information on Israel/Palestine.
  • Making Your Eyewitness Experience Count: Tips for Media Advocacy
    IFPB Delegates don't just witness the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they return with a commitment to taking action in their own communities in North America. This resource sheet provides tips on working with the media.
  • Presenting Your Stories: Speaking Publicly about Your Experience
    Since the first IFPB delegation in 2000, delegates have spoken publicly hundreds of times. Public presentations can be an empowering experience. This resource sheet outlines ways to make your presentations as successful as possible.
  • Taking Political Action: Meeting with your Members of Congress
    The US Government plays a large and active role in the Israeli occupation and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This resource sheet provides tips on arranging meetings with your political representatives.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed? Surviving the Delegation. . . and your Return
    While almost all delegates have commented on what a transformative and positive experience their delegations were, many of them have also found the transition back from the delegation to ‘real life’ in their home community a challenging and emotional time. This resource addresses some of the challenges in transitioning back to life in North America.
  • Links
    IFPB's hand-selected links include Israeli and Palestinian organizations featured on the delegations as well as sites for news, information and activism in North America.