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Make a special donation to the future of peace and justice!  IFPB’s New Generation Fund aims to raise $20,000 in the next six months to support the next generation of leaders and young delegates at Interfaith Peace-Builders.


Make this donation as a special contribution to a special cause.It is all of our responsibility to provide a sturdy footing for exceptional young activists and their incredible work for peace and justice in Israel/Palestine.

With your steady support, they will succeed in creating a more peaceful and just world for all of us.

Joe Groves
Retiring IFPB Senior Fellow

(pictured with Emily Siegel-Acar, the newest member of our staff)

The fund is a tribute to the work of Joe Groves, IFPB Senior Fellow and former Director, who will retire from his day-to-day responsibilities with the organization this summer.  Click here to read about the New Generation Fund in Joe's own words.

Your donation will:

  • Support a phenomenal 3-person staff. Capable, committed, experienced, and all under 35 years old. In an era of cutbacks we need to commit to a level of financial support that lets young leaders stay in the work of social justice!  Your donation ensures that their work will continue and grow.
  • Increase Outreach Efforts to Young People.Nearly 50% of the participants on IFPB's spring and summer 2011 delegations are under 35 years of age (already a 25% increase from last year)!  With your help we can continue our support for youth.
  • Provide Scholarships. This summer IFPB was inundated with scholarship requests from amazing young activists. We are proud to have provided financial aid to twelve deserving applicants, but more need exists and your donation will increase our ability to help more people in the coming year!


Click here to donate to the New Generation Fund

Or take a moment to read about the fund in Joe Grove's special message "Ten Years of Joy: Transformation, Commitment, and New Generations"


Thank you for your support!





If you prefer to send a check with your donation, please make it out to "Interfaith Peace-Builders" and send to:

1326 9th St., NW
Washington DC 20001