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Once you know it is happening, you are forever changed.

-- Michele Bahl --

(Delegation 28, 2008)    

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Living Another Possibility: Encounters with Palestinians and Israelis Committed to Nonviolence


a 48-page booklet highlighting the work of Interfaith Peace-Builders from 2001-2005



Since 2001, FOR Interfaith Peace-Builders has been sending delegations of US citizens to Israel and Palestine to witness the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, support grassroots activists, and consider the effects of US foreign policy on the conflict. This booklet relays the experiences of the delegates in Israel and Palestine by using excerpts of their trip reports, poetry, and photographs from their time in the region.

These experiences are grouped around four themes: WITNESS, NONVIOLENCE, INTERFAITH ACTION, and U.S. CITIZENS AND U.S. POLICY.

Within these chapters, delegates convey impressions of what they?ve seen throughout Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. We?ve visited Jenin shortly after the brutal invasion in 2002, seen grassroots resistance to the Wall in Jayyus, Masha, and al-Walaja, talked with Israelis who refuse to serve in the army, and listened to the stories of many courageous people resisting the occupation and working for justice.

In addition to written firsthand reflections from the journeys, the booklet is also filled with photos from the delegations and poetry inspired by the experience. Maps of the region and the Wall are also included, and the booklet concludes with information on how to learn more and get more involved.



A crucial step in unraveling the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to visit the region, see the effects of the occupation on both Palestinians and Israelis, and listen to those who are directly involved. Delegations to the region begin a process of ?witness? that lies at the heart of FOR Interfaith Peace-Builders? work. Our delegations encounter perspectives that are not readily accessible in the United States. They see the checkpoints and demolished houses and learn how this affects Palestinian lives. They listen to Israelis explain the effects of suicide bombers on their society. And most importantly, delegates hear from Palestinians and Israelis who are working for just, sustainable, and nonviolent solutions.



Nonviolence ? in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? How is that possible when what we see and hear are the images and language of violence? To learn that Israelis and Palestinians are resisting the occupation nonviolently goes against many of our preconceptions. Moreover, the forms that nonviolent action takes may not be readily recognizable because of cultural and societal differences.

As our delegates discover, by observing and listening with an open mind, nonviolent action by Israelis and Palestinians is widespread, creative, and sometimes effective. Here are a few examples.



Both interfaith and action are crucial words for FOR and Interfaith Peace-Builders. FOR is interfaith in design and commitment. We welcome and embrace people of all faiths and people who do not adhere to a specific tradition. Interfaith Peace-Builders believes a diversity of religious perspectives enriches our delegations. We strive to understand and interpret how the Muslims, Jews, and Christians whom we meet identify faith (or decline to do so) in the context of the conflict. Our delegates also wrestle with their own diversity during their journey.


Eyewitness exposure to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict challenges Interfaith Peace-Builders delegates to examine the role of U.S. foreign policy in the region and to reflect on its implications. FOR looks at the conflict and the U.S. role through the lens of human rights and international law, and with a deep concern about the human dimension of the conflict for both Israelis and Palestinians.



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