Education and Advocacy

Interfaith Peace-Builders describes our work as “delegation based education and advocacy.” This phrase embodies our commitment to be more than just a delegation program. In fact, participants on IFPB delegations know that their on-the-ground experience is only the beginning.

While a delegation can be a deeply moving and transformational event, IFPB’s primary work is here in communities across the United States and North America. Through delegation follow-up work, Grassroots Advocacy Trainings and other related programming, our Education and Advocacy Program promotes the civic engagement of our delegation participants and the growth of a comprehensive and diverse US-based movement for Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Since 2001, IFPB delegates have participated in thousands of events and interviewed for more than 1,000 newspaper articles as well as hundreds of radio and television programs. More than 90% of IFPB delegates continue to play an active role in grassroots organizing on the local, regional and national levels. Some form their own groups or take leadership positions in their organizing communities. We are currently updating our records of delegate activities; check back here for examples of articles, interviews and more.


Program Features:

The Education and Advocacy Program prioritizes three related areas:

Civic Engagement: Interfaith Peace-Builders provides individuals and groups the experience, tools and opportunities needed to engage in a wide range of education and advocacy activities, and to become agents of change in their own communities. Before they even leave the US, IFPB delegates receive materials and training on a range of advocacy and educational strategies. Sessions at our unique pre-delegation orientation session focus on building awareness and activist skills. Following the delegation, IFPB staff work with delegates to provide further training and long-term support on a range of advocacy and educational activities, including media advocacy, congressional engagement, public speaking, and grassroots organizing. IFPB’s commitment to delegation participants is long-term and sustained. Staff provide continued support, assistance and consultancy as long as needed. Click here to view the resources offered by IFPB as part of our civic engagement efforts.

Movement Building: All of Interfaith Peace-Builders’ efforts have the ultimate goal of building a strong, comprehensive and diverse US-based movement for Israeli-Palestinian peace. To achieve this goal, IFPB works to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and capacity of individuals and small groups through on-the-ground experience, ongoing education, activist skills training and support for grassroots organizing. A range of different strategies operating simultaneously is the key to successful movement building and IFPB materials and trainings are geared to promoting and supporting peace-building efforts on a variety of levels. Through Grassroots Advocacy Trainings, delegation follow-up work, and other programming, IFPB empowers our partners and constituents with the skills and experience needed to build a powerful and sustainable movement.

Coalition Work: Interfaith Peace-Builders works in solidarity with a wide range of other organizations through national coalitions and partnerships. IFPB’s dedication to coalition work means that the wider movement is always our primary priority. Building the movement horizontally as well as vertically is the only way to accomplish systemic/constructive/comprehensive change and achieve peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians. We enter into partnerships and coalitions as a matter principle and strategy. IFPB’s delegation partnership model is an innovative strategy for widening the impact and results of our work. By joining with other national organizations in co-sponsored delegations, we multiply our joint capacity and impact. As an active member and partner of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, IFPB also engages with over 200 local, regional and national groups and organizations who are also members of the Campaign. Our dedication to coalition organizing widens the effects of IFPB’s work and creates opportunities for comprehensive change and a more just US policy in Israel/Palestine.