Lid: Palestinian Citziens of Israel


About 20% of Israeli citizens are not Jewish (this does not include the residents of the West Bank and Gaza). Almost all non-Jewish Israeli citizens are Palestinians. Lid was a Palestinian city until 1947-1949, when many of its residents fled. Since that time, Lid (Lod in Israel) has been a mixed city of Israeli Jews and Israeli Palestinians.

Here our guide for the day, Tamer Nafar, a community activist and member of the hip hop group DAM, explains the differences between areas of the city that are Jewish and Palestinian.




The Palestinian neighborhood in Lid -- Tamer calls it 'the ghetto' -- is cut off from Jewish Lod by seven train tracks that carry more than 150 trains a day. The area is also bounded by a wall and a kibbutz from other sides, completely isolated and with very scarce municipal services provided by the Israeli government.




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